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Hi sam
i am being bullied by 3 girls. They are calling me horrible names and hurting me! They make me cry at school and make me really upset and heartbroken !!
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Hi there,

Being bullied can be really upsetting and it’s not okay this is happening to you. Nobody has the right to call you names, hurt you or make you feel upset. It sounds like this has had a really big impact on you as you use the word ‘heartbroken’. 

You’re not on your own with feeling like this. Lots of young people tell me about the big impact bullying has on their emotions and feelings about themselves. It’s important to remember nobody deserves to be treated this way and it is not your fault. You don't have to put up with bullying and there are steps you can take to make it stop.

Firstly, you’ve done the right thing in telling someone this is happening to you. Talking through stuff can help you to feel you aren’t alone which can make things easier to deal with. Sometimes the things that bullies say can make us feel really bad about ourselves. When this happens it’s important you talk about these feelings and don’t keep them buried inside. You can do this with any adult you trust or with a ChildLine counsellor

Secondly, you can act to put a stop to the bullying. Your school has a legal responsibility to protect you from physical and emotional harm, which includes being bullied. Every school, by law, has an anti-bullying policy which lists the steps they promise to take to stop bullying. However, your school has to know you’re being bullied first to put any of these steps into action. You have the right to look at the anti-bullying policy at any time — you don’t have to say why. 

Telling a teacher that you’re being bullied can be scary, so when you’re ready, pick a teacher that you feel you can trust and can talk to. Some young people have all kinds of worries around telling a teacher, so if you feel you want to talk it through first with a ChildLine counsellor they’re always there to support and help you.

Here are a few links from ChildLine that could help:

Well done for getting in touch. I hope this helps.

Take care,

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