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HELP i dont know what to do !!

Hey Sam - Um about an 1 hour ago i was just on my facebook -im sorry i find this really hard to write aswell as crying !! -It was a normal day - and I use to Go out with this guy - and he just popped up and said: What you fat bitch - i asked him what i did, he said - u created an eclipse - and then i asked him what do u want - he said for u to die - so know i feel like im not wanted on this earth - and i want to kill myself right know - So before i do something I will regret i looked up bullying advice , and i found here so i am just a 13 yr old girl who has been bullied since yr 7 - im just trying to rreach out because i really need help
Please Help : I really need it !
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Thank you so much for your letter. There’s no need to apologise, I can hear how shocking and upsetting it was to get these messages from someone that you thought was a friend. It’s difficult to know what makes someone say such cruel things to another person. I can hear that his comments hurt a lot and made you feel worthless and as though your life was no longer worth living.

I’m very concerned that you felt like you wanted to die and I’m really glad that you decided to contact us before you acted on those feelings. I believe that suicide is never is the answer and that there are ways to make bullying stop. I can hear how much you want to change things and writing to me is a really positive first step.

You told me you’ve been bullied for two years now. You don’t deserve for any of this to be happening to you. No one has the right to make you feel bad or say nasty things to you - no matter who they are. Cyberbullying (any bullying that happens online) can be incredibly hurtful because it can happen at any time of the day and make you feel upset and threatened in your own home.

You’ve got a few choices about what to do next. You could consider blocking this person from your Facebook page so that you don’t receive any more messages or emails from him. You could use the Report option to ask Facebook to investigate any abusive messages. You can also report serious bullying, such as physical or sexual threats, to the police. It can be really helpful to keep any abusive messages so you can keep them to use as evidence. If he does contact you again, it would be good not to reply as this could be the reaction he wants, and it might encourage him to keep writing.

Maybe there’s an adult in your life that you feel you can talk to about what has happened? They can help you to take steps to feel safe when you’re on the internet. You could also look at the Thinkuknow website as it also offers some advice on how to stay safe online.

If you don’t feel ready to tell another adult you could talk to a Childline counsellor directly. You can call 0800 1111 for free and it won’t show up on a telephone bill. You can log in for a 1-2-1 chat, which is works like instant messenger, or you could send an email.

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