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Hi , i am getting bullied on the computer all the time and i dont know who is saying it , can you help me , i dont know what to do .... they are calling me all these names and saying that i look horrible but i dont want to start a fight so i ignore them and then they say why the **** aren't you replying , what should i do!!
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Thanks for writing to me and explaining what is going on for you on your computer at the moment. Bullying on the computer is called cyber bullying.

It sounds very upsetting that people are calling you names and making comments about the way you look and are challenging you to respond. You say that this is happening all the time and that so far you have been ignoring it. This is a good strategy, as responding may encourage the bullies to continue sending the messages.

It’s great that you have taken this first step in getting some help. Talking to someone about what is happening is very important because it can be the start of a process to getting it stopped. Is there is an adult you trust who you could talk to about what is happening and who might be able to help you? You have already taken an important first step in writing to me.

Depending on how the cyber bullying is happening, for example on a social networking site or by email, there are several things you can do to get it stopped and you can find out more about this on the cyber bullying page in Explore.

You might also like to check out a website called Thinkuknow which explains more about being safe online and how to report what is happening.

Being bullied can make you feel isolated and alone. Perhaps you might like to check out the message boards on the ChildLine website to see how other people are coping in similar situations.

If you want to talk this through some more with someone, you could talk to a ChildLine counsellor either by phoning 0800 1111, chatting to them on 1-2-1 or sending them an email.

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