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Friends being mistreated by a teacher

Hi one of my teachers is being really mean to one of my best friends, I don't know if it is bullying but my friends and I think that someone should do something about it, our friend who the teacher is being mean to doesn't want to talk to her parents or many of the teachers, what should we do?
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Hi there,

Thanks for your message explaining your worries about your friend.

I am sorry to hear that one of your teachers is being mean to your friend. It’s not okay for a teacher to act this way towards students or to treat one person differently to the rest of the class. Ideally it would be best if your friend felt able to talk to another teacher - someone who they feel they get on with and trust. 

From what you say it sounds like your friend doesn’t want to talk to a teacher or her parents and I’m wondering how she is coping at the moment.

It’s really good that you are listening to your friend and supporting her. You ask what you can do to help. One of the things you could do is tell her how you feel about what the teacher is doing to her and explain that you think it would be good to tell another teacher. You could support her with this by going with her to see the teacher. Another option would be to work together on writing a letter explaining everything to a teacher of your choice or the head teacher.

We have some more information about helping a friend and you might like to check that out.  

You could also suggest that your friend talks to a ChildLine counsellor either by phoning for free on 0800 1111, chatting on 1-2-1 or by sending an email. Your friend could also find out how ChildLine works, if she's not sure.

Take care for now,


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