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i have had a problem with a few things
i am bisexual but im scared what people will think about me the reason behind this is because i have been bullied for ten years and what they have said to me that staid with me for a long timeand i cant get over what they said to be. they called me fat and ugly and a waste of space alot of things like that. i dont no what to do about anythng anymore and i feel like if i tell anyone that i am bisexual the bullying will start again its only just stopped i have no friends and i dont no what to do becase i have no one the tell anymore people help me
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Hi there,

Being bullied in school can have a really big impact on your life, it can leave you with low self-confidence or feeling worthless and those feelings can stay with you for a long time.

It’s not ok for anyone to bully you, bullying is wrong and it's not your fault. Your school have a responsibility to protect you from being bullied so you might like to think about telling a teacher you trust.

It can take a long time to feel sure about your sexuality and that’s ok. It can be difficult as you try to come to terms with it yourself, and also work out how to let people know. Telling someone about your sexuality is called coming out, and it's your choice when you come out and who to. It could be a good start thinking about telling someone you trust.

Having no friends around you can feel really lonely, especially if there's something you'd like to talk about with someone around your age. The ChildLine message boards are a really safe community of young people who talk to each other and try to offer support. You might like to think about posting a message, or reading messages from other people in similar situations. You can also have a look at our top tips for making friends.

Take care,

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