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I'm ever so worried about this because my dad causes me emotional abuse and calls me names and I don't want to  tell anyone because there is nobody I trust but childline
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Emotional abuse is when someone hurts your feelings on purpose or puts you down. This type of abuse can be a very hurtful and upsetting. It's never okay. There can be times when you feel scared, vulnerable and alone. So it's important to get the support you deserve.

Getting some help, support and advice is a big and brave step, especially if the emotional abuse has affected your confidence. It’s natural to feel like you don’t want to tell somebody so it’s important to remember that a

ChildLine counsellor can often talk about this without telling anyone.

To be able to do this, the first step is to know what is happening to you is wrong and not your fault. It’s okay to want this to stop.

Confidence can feel different at different times, some days you may feel more confident than others, and this is perfectly natural. It may be on the more confident days you begin to think about who you might tell and how. This can be a conversation with a

trusted adult. Or maybe you could write a letter to somebody you trust.

You could think about telling teachers or extended family members too. If the abuse is coming from your dad, perhaps you can talk to another family member and explain what’s happening. And that it’s hurting your feelings and emotions.

For more ideas and support you may like to check out

our message boards where young people support each other with the issues that matter to them. Some may be similar to what you’re going through.

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