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Cyberbullying, what can I do

Basically, I'm 18, I split up with my boyfriend and we had a bit of a row, I tweeted something about him and his best friend started on me calling me a twat and other really nasty names I probably can't repeat, next thing I know approximately 10 people, even people I don't know have started saying the same things about me and tagging me in what they are saying, including people who were aupposed to be my friends, so I did the bigger thing and deactivated my twitter and cried myself to sleep, then I reactivated it this morning and within two seconds two of my ex boyfriends mates have called me a c*** and told me to run to my fat friend. I don't know what to do anymore, pictures of me taken off my Facebook with nasty words on them abs are circulating on the Internet already, should I call the police? I don't know what to do? Thank you
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Hi there,

I’m glad you’ve got in touch as it sounds like how things have been with your ex-boyfriend have been really difficult. I want to try and support you as best I can.

It sounds like what is happening online and with these people is really upsetting and is having a big impact on how you’re feeling day-to-day. Lots of people think that bullying is something that only happens at school but many people are bullied as adults and in the work place. The way that these people are treating you is a form of bullying.

You’ve done well to get in touch and I can hear how you really want to change how things are for you at the moment. There are different things that people can do to stop online bullying. You said that you deactivated your Twitter account for a bit and that is a good start - sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites all have a section where you can report and block people who are treating you like this.

There is also a large section on the ChildLine website all about bullying and cyber bullying that you could find useful as well as the Bullying UK website that might be helpful for you to look at too.

People like family and close friends often have good ideas about what might be helpful and if there is someone who you feel OK talking to they might be able to help you work out what you could do next. You asked about calling the police and this is something you can do, if you wanted to talk to the police and see what they might do you can call the non emergency number 101 which will put you through to your local police station. This number is 24 hours and will cost 15p each call. When people decide to do this it is often useful to keep posts or text messages you have been sent by the bullies as proof of what is happening.

I know that things like this can be upsetting and leave you feeling really stuck, if you wanted to talk over how things are or what you might be able to do, you could get in touch with a ChildLine counsellor. With a counsellor you only have to say as much or as little as you choose to and can take your time. You can get in touch through the talk section of the ChildLine website or by calling 0800 11 11 for free and without it showing up on any bills.

Take care,


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