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So the other day, my friend told me that her mum slammed the door on her hand intentionally and yesterday she told me thaf her mum hit her and wouldnt let her out of her room. Today she came into school infloods of tears because of her mums actions. My friends made me promise not to tell anyone but it really worries me and if something happened to her i would neved forgive mysslf for not telling. She told me started watching porn and masturbating, and i think this is her coping strategy. I obviously do not want to assume but she only started after her mum started to abuse her.

I dont know what to do because ive never been in a situation like this before, but i want to make sure she knows im there for her and she cab trust me. How should i advisd her? What should i do?

Thank you

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Hi there,

It can be very worrying when a friend tells you something scary about their life, especially when they don’t want you to tell someone else. Supporting a friend can be as simple as listening and being there – but it’s also a good idea to tell them if you are feeling concerned about their safety.

When someone is being physically hurt by another person it’s called physical abuse. It’s wrong and is never your friend’s fault. Nobody has to put up with being physically abused, and there's help available to make it stop.

Showing a friend the Childline website can help them to understand what’s happening and can help them to feel more confident to talk. There’s lots of advice and they can also look at what other young people have said on the message boards to show that they’re not alone.

When you’re worried about a friend’s safety it can be scary keeping it a secret. Sharing what your friend has told you with an adult you trust can be a difficult decision but it’s a really important way of getting support. If someone's in danger it’s important to get support or to call 999, even when your friend doesn’t want you to. You could try offering to help your friend talk to someone like a teacher or a school nurse. If your friend isn’t ready for that they can also speak to a Childline counsellor.

Childline is there to support you with anything that might be on your mind. It’s confidential, so you can talk about how you’re feeling about your friend as well.

Take care,


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