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cant get away fron them, they just arnt there for me.

I live in my mums and my step-dads house, my mum and my dad split up when I was young I don't really remember it very well, my mum met my step dad and 6 years later they got married, I've always not liked him and hated him at times, the only times I've ever made an effort is because my mum has started to get really upset about it, he's noticed that I don't like him and he's started to treat me like a waste of space. I open my window, he stomps upstairs and yells at me to open the door and shut the window, I get something to eat he yells at me for not asking, in late for school he yells at me, i leave a light he yells at me, i leave my bag downstairs he yells at me.

He's started to turn my mum against me, every time he shouts at me he tells my mum a completely different story to make me look bad so I have no one to go to now and each day in becoming more depressed, i feel like the world dissent want me anymore

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Hi there,

It can be really tough when there are arguments and conflict between family members. Sometimes in these situations home becomes a place where you feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Being picked on like this can make you feel alone and isolated, and some people can also feel down or depressed.

It’s not okay for anyone to shout or yell at you, treat you like a waste of space, or to speak about you behind your back to make you look bad to your mum. This sounds like emotional abuse.

Your stepdad’s behaviour sounds like it’s affecting you a lot and you are feeling depressed and isolated. You also say that you feel there is no one to talk to who cares about you. I want you to know that there is always someone who cares and who you can talk to, even if that can be hard to see sometimes. 

As you feel unable to speak to anyone at home about things I’m wondering if there is anyone in your wider family circle that you get on with, or an adult at school that you trust, who you could talk to and see how they are able to help. You could also speak to a ChildLine counsellor on the phone, in a 1-2-1 chat or by sending them an email.  ChildLine is there to support you whenever you want to talk.

You might also like to have a look at our message boards to see how other young people are coping in similar situations. If you felt able to post a message yourself, you could see what support you get from the ChildLine community.

Take care,

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