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bulying and hitting

I have got no freinds evryones teasing me and i'm all alone ive been kicked 4 times
I dont know what to do i'm scared......please help........from l
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Hi L,

It’s good to hear from you and I’m glad you’ve got in touch.

It sounds like the bullying has left you feeling really lonely and upset - I want to try and help you as best I can. I want you to know that all types of bullying are wrong and it’s not right for you to have been kicked.

Lots of people experience bullying in and out of school and there are a few things I can suggest that might help. I know that it can be scary for some people, but one of the best ways to stop bullying is to tell someone about it.

In school you can tell a teacher as it's their responsibility to keep you safe. This means it's part of their job to stop you from being hurt and bullied in school. People who tell someone, often wonder what might happen once they tell. If it does not stop the first time it can be really important to tell again, so the teacher knows it’s still happening and knows to try something different to help.

Often telling a trusted adult like a parent for carer can help. They might have a good idea of the best way forward and could support you with your feelings. Writing me a letter is an important first step to making things better.

If you do tell it can be good to have proof of what is happening. This proof can be different kinds of things. It can be saved text messages from bullies or photos of bruises from being hit or kicked. It can also be good to keep a diary of what happen when so the people can better understand what is going on. Some people have told me that keeping a diary of their feelings has also helped.

Bullying UK is a good website for both young people are parents as it has lots of advice on bullying and coping with it. There is also information in the Explore section of the ChildLine website and on the ChildLine message boards.

If you want to talk over some idea you’ve had, you can get in touch with a ChildLine counsellor through the Talk section of the website or on the phone. With a counsellor you can take your time, and only have to say as much as you feel ready to say.

The three ways you can talk to a ChildLine counsellor are by logging on to send an email, or to have a 1-2-1 (which is like an instant messenger) and by calling by 0800 1111 free and without it showing up on any bills.

Take care,


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