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This girl has been bullying me for six years. I have talked to every trusted adult I know but nothing is being done. It's becoming too much now. Please help me your my last hope
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Hi there,

Sometimes bullying can seem like an unsolvable problem and one that won’t ever stop, but things can get better, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything. Nobody deserves to be bullied for any length of time.

Most of the time telling an adult will make the bullying stop, but occasionally this isn’t enough and it can leave young people feeling stuck about what to do next. Your options depend on what the person who is bullying you is doing and where it’s happening.

If this person is bullying you at school then it’s the school’s responsibility to make it stop. Even if you have told them over and over, if the bullying is carrying on then they need to do more. It’s okay to keep telling them and it’s okay to expect them to take action.

Every time you tell someone at school and the bullying continues, you can send your complaints higher and higher up. First you might tell your form tutor, then the head of year, and then you might tell your headteacher. If the headteacher isn’t doing enough then you can take the problem to your school’s board of governors.

If the board don’t do anything you can contact your local education authority. You need to give your school a chance to solve the problem, but if they’re not solving it then you have a right to take it higher up. It’s not okay for them to try and then give up. You have a right to have a safe place to learn.

One option you also have is to make a complaint to the police about harassment. You may want to ask an adult to help you do this, but you could also do it yourself if you wanted to, although your parents or guardian will need to be involved at some point if you’re under 18.

I hope this helps you to realise that even though it feels like you’ve tried everything, there’s still ways to make this stop. ChildLine is always here for you if you want to talk. Our counsellors will always listen to you.

Take care,

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