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Dear Sam, i have this group of friends who find it halerious to laugh at me because they donot understand what i am saying, my baby cousin recently died and they find that funny and they make jokes about it like "oh your nieces? are they dead too?" and they never understand what i am saying or how i expalin it as i explain things in a more adult way as i am more mature due to being brought up with older parents brothers and sisters, i donot want to live anymore because nobody of my age range can speak to me and my friends as i said laugh :( thank you -L* 
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds like you are going through a really hard time at the moment. I am so sorry to hear that your baby cousin died. It must have been terrible for you and your family to go through this. Losing a loved one is always painful and it can take a lot of time to learn to live with that loss. I'm also very sorry and very saddened to hear that people in your school make fun of you in this way. It is very cruel and you certainly don't deserve to be spoken to in that way, especially about something so painful.

I wonder if you have any friends who understand how difficult this is for you. Have you ever spoken to them about how you feel? Many young people tell me that at difficult times it can help to speak to a trusted adult. This could be a parent, a family member or a teacher, for example.

Going through all of this on your own can be very tough. I know talking about difficult things is sometimes hard, but not talking about them and bottling up these feelings can make you feel like there is no hope. There is always hope but sometimes difficult events or situations make it harder for us to see that.

You don't have to go through this all on your own and no one has the right to speak to you the way some of these people in school have spoken to you. Your school has a responsibility to make sure you are safe and most schools do take bullying of any kind very seriously. Unfortunately, they can't do anything about this if they don't know what is happening. It could help to keep a diary of what happens and show this to someone so they can understand what you are going through.

You can check out more information about this on our bullying pages also has some useful information about bullying and can give you more some support in dealing with the terrible loss you and your family have suffered recently. ChildLine is always there for you and we will try to support you in any way we can. You can talk to a ChildLine counsellor by calling on 0800 1111 or by logging on for a 1-2-1 chat. You are not alone, ChildLine are there for you.

Take care,


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