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Bullying and feeling lonely at school

Hi Sam, I moved to my new school around this time last year. I've always been the popular one and have lots of friends but recently I've lost them all and I'm not sure what I've done. I have been targeted on my transport to and from school, in classes and breaks and lunches. I did come forward about the bullying and things are in place and working but I still feel alone. No one talks to me or looks at me anymore and I just don't know what to do.

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Hi there,

Bullying can happen to anyone at any time – no matter where you are. Bullying could be done by friends, family, people at school or strangers. Whoever they are, it’s not okay to hurt people or make them feel bad. One way of tackling bullying is to tell someone that can help. It’s great to hear that you came forward about the bullying you were experiencing and things have been put in place and are working to help you.

Bullying can leave a person in a really bad place, feeling hurt and upset but also lonely and isolated. It can also sometimes make you start to believe what the bullies have said and to lose your confidence and self-esteem. If you can try to build up your confidence , it can be easier to bounce back from bullying.

Making new friends to spend time with can help you feel less lonely. Making new friends isn’t always easy but there are different things you can try. One way is to widen the circle of people that you spend time with. You could try joining a club for one of your interests or start a new hobby. Meeting new people you have something in common with can be a great start.

Some activities and clubs will be run in your school but there are others outside of school that you could research and look for. You might make friends with people from other schools or who live locally to you. You might like to check out more top tips for making friends and look at the message boards  to see how other people are coping.

A Childline counsellor is always here for you to talk to, at any time, if you’d like more support.

Take care for now.


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