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I'm scared to go to school because everyone gangs up on me and bully's me even my brother is on there side I only have 2 friends to help me and there seated on the other side of the clasroom

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Hi there ,

Bullying is never okay and being ganged up on can make someone feel like they are not wanted. Families should be there to support us, so when they let us down it can be especially hard to cope with.

Whether it's one person or a group of people, bullying is really hard to cope with. It can make you feel unhappy and bad about yourself. When someone like your brother takes the side of the bullies it can be especially tough. But it’s important to remember it’s not your fault.

When you’re being bullied, it’s important to tell someone. When people hear this they sometimes think that this can never work, but it’s something you can try and see if it helps. Schools have a responsibility to look after all of their students, so they should take you seriously. The more you tell your school, the more they can try and help you.

Sometimes the first person you speak to may not help as much as you hope, but there may be other people at school you can talk to. Start by telling a teacher who you feel you trust. If they don't do enough to help, tell your head of year. If that doesn't work you have the right to keep taking it higher and higher until you feel someone is listening to you. As your brother is also part of the problems at school, it might also help to talk to someone at home. Sometimes parents or carers can talk to the school for you.

Remember you can always talk to one of our counsellors who can support you with this.

Take care


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