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people Keep on bullying me they Keep on talking behind my back i dont no what to do :( i wrote a story with my freinds name in ti and when my teacher read it they just started to giggle :( from r*
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Hi there,

Bullying is wrong. Nobody has the right to bully someone else. You don’t have to deal with it alone. There are lots of people who can help you if you tell them you are being bullied. All schools have a responsibility to protect young people from being bullied.

Talking to a teacher you trust about being bullied can be a good place to start. I know it can take a lot of courage to do that. You could maybe take a friend with you to support you or write down what you would like to say in case it feels difficult to talk.

Some young people find it can help to keep a bullying diary. This can be a written record of what happens and also a place to let out your feelings. You can use a bullying diary to share what’s been happening with a teacher, parent or carer. You could also keep it for yourself if you would prefer not to share it with someone.

Another idea could be to ask a parent or carer to speak to your school for you. It’s okay if you're not feeling ready to tell someone in your life about being bullied. It could be a good idea to think about how you can get some support for yourself as a way to help you cope. Our bullying page has some more ideas of what you can do if you are being bullied.

The ChildLine counsellors are always there for you and can help you work out what you would like to do next.

Take care,

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