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im being bullied at school by 12 other people and i don't know what to do.
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Hi there,

Bullying is very wrong and nobody has the right to treat you this way. It’s not your fault that other people are behaving like this. You deserve help so that you can go to school without being bullied. Your school has a responsibility to protect you from bullying. 

Every school is supposed to have an anti-bullying policy you can read. This should tell you what your school is meant to do to help make the bullying stop. It could help for you to take a look at what your school’s policy says and see if they are doing enough to help. How would it feel to talk to one of your teachers about what’s happening? You could choose a member of staff at school who you trust and get on okay with. If you speak to somebody and you don’t feel happy with the support they give you, remember that you can let somebody else know.

If you’re not sure about talking to somebody else yet, it could help to think about keeping a diary of all the bullying that’s been happening. This way you can show someone when you feel ready. It could feel good for you to start to keep a private diary too, so that you can let out your feelings about what’s been going on and also record what has been happening. It can help to show this to someone you trust.

If you want to talk things through a bit more, you might find it helpful to talk to a school nurse or a school counsellor if you have one. You can also always talk to one of the ChildLine counsellors. Please remember that you’re not alone. There are always people you can turn to for help with bullying, even if the people who are bullying you are making this feel very tough to do.

You’ve done really well to get in touch to let me know about this. I hope you get the support you deserve. 

Take care,

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