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In your letter back to 'N' you didn't really explain HOW to prevent your brother from hurting you. I've told my parents and my family that my bro is bulling me but they don't seem to pay much attention.( it's normally just the teasing and being mean thing my brother does.) How can I get someone to notice. Until you give me a resonable answer it looks like me and my little sister are on our own.
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Hi there,

Nobody should say hurtful or spiteful things to you. Not only is your brother bullying you, he is also emotionally abusing you. I’m sorry you didn’t find my letter to N useful and I want to make sure I give you some more advice now.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re being hurt and the people who are supposed to help you aren’t listening, then you have a few options open to you. First you could consider telling another family member who doesn’t live with you. This could be an aunt, uncle, grandparent – anyone who you can trust. They might be able to speak to your parents for you.

If you don’t want to do this then you could tell your school teacher or a school counsellor. They have a duty of care to help and support you with this. They may even be able to speak to your parents on your behalf as well.

Keeping a bullying diary so you can write down the things that have been happening is also a good idea. You could show this to somebody to help them to understand how serious things have become.

Finally, telling your parents at the right time could help. If you tell them right after something has happened it might be hard for them to listen. If you tell them you want to sit down and talk about something important, that might make them understand how much it means to you.

You might find some more helpful ideas on our bullying page. The message boards can be a really good place to get help and support from other young people in similar situations.

I hope that helps. ChildLine is always here for you if you want to talk things through with a counsellor.

Take care,

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