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I feel like I'm being bullied by a teacher in school,he always picks on me and tells me off, and he always seems grumpy when he sees me, He says my attitude is silly when I talk to him, he's called me an idiot before but he calls other people that, he always seems happy to help every other kid except me, and then he comes over and says that I haven't done enough work, he also called me a crybaby because I'm sensitive, I asked him to step outside to get fresh air as I didn't feel well and he was like no and I kept asking until he gave in, my head of year saw me and was just about to talk to me as to why I was crying and he come out and said "she said she needed to step outside just after i told her off" basically saying that I hate getting told off, i seriously don't know what to do he makes me feel like he's bigger then me.
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Hi there,

Often when you feel that something that is happening isn’t right, then it isn’t right. It’s not okay for your teacher to always pick on you, tell you off and call you names.  Teachers are there to help you, support you and keep you safe while you are at school, not to bully you and make you feel bad about yourself.

It feels like the head of year might have noticed that something is going on and that could be the reason for them questioning the teacher about what happened. 

Perhaps something you could do is to keep a record of what is happening between you and your teacher, things like the date, what happened, what you said or did and how you felt. You could write these things down and also make a note of who else might have seen what happened. Another thing you can do is to speak to your head of year or another teacher that you feel comfortable with. You can explain how your teacher is behaving towards you and to use the record you have made of the events as evidence to back up what you are saying. If you have a friend who has seen the teacher’s behaviour, it would be okay for your friend to come with you for support when you speak to the head teacher.

Deciding whether to speak out about things at school might be a difficult decision to make and it could be that you would like to talk this through some more with someone to help you make the decision. This could be a family member or another adult that you trust, or a ChildLine counsellorFind out more about asking an adult for help.

You could also have a look on the message boards to see how other people are coping in a similar situation.

Take care for now,

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