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A boy in my class is being bullied by another 1 or 2 boys?

A boy in my class is being picked on by another boy and sometimes his friend. We are in year 6 and moving on to year 7, will the bullying get worse? A couple of days ago i was getting my coat and the boy strangled him and started punching him, he thought nobody was looking. Me and my 2 other friends told a teacher. The boy didn't stop picking on him, the following day he was alone and crying in the playground? Me and my friend keep chatting to him but he says " Stay out of it." The boy will not fight back and is always alone, I can't describe the things the bullys say to him. I hope you can help, Sam. What can me and my friend do? I don't want this to go on for the boy as we are going into high school.  Thanks
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Hi there,

It sounds like you’re feeling really worried for this boy and it’s upsetting for you to see him being treated this way. No one should be bullying another person and I’m really concerned to hear that this boy has been strangled and punched.

I think that you and your friend have done the right and kind thing in telling the teacher about what has happened, so really well done for that. The school has a responsibility to tackle bullying and to make sure that everybody at school is kept safe.

I’m not sure exactly what happened after you spoke to the teacher, or what steps they took, but I can hear that the bullying has carried on. Unfortunately teachers at school might sometimes need to be told more than once. They may think that the bullying has stopped when it is still carrying on.

If the bullying carries on in secondary school, it might be worth talking to the boy about it so you can help him decide what he might like to do about it.

When you start at the new school, it might also be a good idea to find out what their anti-bullying policy is, so you know just in case. An anti-bullying policy is like a set of rules about how the school deal with bullying. Most schools have one.

If you need to talk more about this, you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor. You may also like to take a look at our bullying page for some more information and ideas.

Please remember too if you feel like this boy or anyone else is in immediate danger at any time you can call 999 to get some help from the police.

Take care,

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