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Just to remind you, I can only respond to a few letters each week. But I do read every letter.

Every week I choose letters that fit a particular theme, so that similar letters are answered together. If yours is chosen, you can find it in the relevant topic on the Ask Sam page within a couple of weeks.

Just because your letter isn't picked, it doesn't mean your problem isn't important. It might be because there's a very similar letter to yours that I've answered already. You can find other letters by using the search bar or looking through the categories on the Ask Sam page.

And sometimes just writing to me can be a good way to let things out, even if you don't get a response.

If you need urgent advice or if you want to talk privately to someone, contact Childline online or call 0800 1111.

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hey, i’m a boarder so my parents obviously cant come to the doctors with me and cant get my prescription medication. ...


hey sam, my best friend next year is going to university which im delighted aboit but the thing is that the universit...

Hypochondria and health anxiety

hi sam, ​ and i’m 16 years old. recently over the past fee months i’ve developed death anxiety, starting with fears o...