Thanks for writing to Sam

Sam reads every letter, but can only reply to a few each week. If your letter is chosen, you’ll be able to see Sam’s reply on the website. Even if your letter isn’t published, there are lots of ways to get support:

New letters are published each week, so check back in a couple of weeks to see if yours has been answered.

If you need help tonight

Childline counsellors are here to support you every day from 9am - 3:30am. But if you send a letter to Ask Sam after 11:30pm, it won't be seen until the morning.

If it's after 3:30am, there are still organisations that can help:

  • Shout – You can text Shout for support on 85258
  • The Mix – Support for anyone under 25

In an emergency, you should always speak to an adult you trust or call 999.

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