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When youre too old for childline

Im 17 but I was wondering when I turn 20 will my account on childline be deleted? I get that I won't be getting support from here after I turn 20 but I really wanna keep my locker notes cus theyre good to look back on. I don't want them to be deleted

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Hi there,

It's important to think about how things will change as you get older and moving on from Childline is no different. Change can be hard to think about and deal with, especially when you're moving away from something you're used to and familiar with. Sometimes a bit of planning and preparation can really help.

Childline works with children and young people until they turn 19 years of age. If you've already have been involved with social services or CAMHS, you might already know that normally at 18 years of age  people move out of services like these and  into ‘adult services’.

Moving on from Childline when you turn 19 can be hard to think about. Some young people feel so safe talking to counsellors or using the site that the thought of leaving Childline can make them feel anxious. But it's important to remember that there is still lots of great support out there. It can be a good idea to start having a look at this before you time with Childline comes to an end, so that you know what to expect and have support you can turn to.

You don't have to face this alone as our Childline counsellors are there to help you to explore and talk about how you're feeling and help you to prepare.  Remember, moving on can be an exciting time too. Meeting new people and trying new things can help you to grow. You might even decide to be involved with Childline in some other way – such as by sharing your story or volunteering.

Childline normally leave your account open so you can look at old email responses or gallery images you might have saved but it’s important not to make anything new and to move on from using Childline as support. You can also continue to read information on the site and on the message boards.

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