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What is okay to talk to Childline about?

Hi Sam, I have some questions about Childline. What sort of reason would you say is valid to contact Childline, as I feel my reasons for contacting you e.g. feeling low/suicidal/anxious aren’t really justifying reasons as I don’t have a cause to the problem the feelings are just there. If you could get back to me that would be great. Many thanks :)

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Hi there,

Any reason is a valid reason to contact Childline.

Young people talk to counsellors about things happening in their life and about their feelings. You don’t need to justify how you’re feeling or explain why you feel a certain way. It’s okay to express your feelings, and sometimes talking about them is the best way to do that.

It’s not always possible to recognise where your emotions have come from. Sometimes you might notice they’re connected to something that’s happened, like feeling angry about being hurt, or feeling sad when someone you care about is ill. Other times, they can seem like they’ve come from nowhere and it might be a shock to feel anxious when you’re doing everyday things that you don’t have strong feelings about.

Sometimes your feelings are affected by your thoughts and by things from the past. You might not be aware where they’ve come from when they’re not related to something happening right now.

It’s important to remember that you can’t make your feelings go away by ignoring them or by trying to stop them happening. Learning to recognise them, finding a healthy way to express them and then letting go can allow you to move forward and think about something else.

Make time to express your feelings every day by doing creative things like drawing or writing poetry, and something physical like going for a run, or even punching a pillow. You can try keeping a journal/diary, or talk to someone you trust.

Try to recognise your feelings without running away from them if you can, and ask for help if that feels too difficult to do.

Remembering that your emotions are natural can help you to feel more in control, and less likely to feel overwhelmed by them.

Getting support can help. When things feel difficult, contact a Childline counsellor or talk to a trusted adult. If you’re feeling suicidal or like you might hurt yourself, it’s always okay to get help by seeing your doctor. In an emergency, go to your local hospital’s A&E department or call 999 as soon as you can. You don’t have to cope with these feelings by yourself.

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