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Is it okay to leave a chat?

would the counsellors be mad if you accidently left a 1-2-1 chat? would it make them feel like you are a waste of time or would they forgive you? I did it once accidently and I feel really guilty and like I was wasting there time and they could have helped somebody who wouldn't have been as stupid as me and left the chat by accident.

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Hi there,

You can leave a chat or call to Childline at any time. Counsellors won’t be angry or upset if you go unexpectedly by accident or for another reason. It’s your time to talk and you can decide when to end the chat. You don’t need to tell the counsellor or apologise.

Ending a chat accidentally can feel frustrating when you wanted to carry on talking. You don’t have to chat again straight away, especially if you have talked about the things you wanted to or you don’t have much time. There’s no need to say sorry because counsellors understand that accidents happen or that you might need to go quickly.

If you don’t feel like you said everything you wanted to say then you can come back to talk again. When you get through to a counsellor you can tell them you cut off your last chat if you like and ask them to read your notes so you don’t have to repeat everything you said earlier.

If you can’t wait for another counsellor you could look at some information around the problem you wanted to talk about on our Info and advice pages, read or post on the message boards or read more of my letters. If you’re feeling stressed or upset it can help to use the games or the art box to distract you.

If you need to end a chat because it’s not safe to carry on talking, like when someone has interrupted you, it’s always okay to end the chat or use the “hide page” button to leave the site quickly.

Remember, you can chat to a counsellor anytime you need.

I hope this advice has helped.

Take care,


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