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How do I view my message board posts?

I posted a message to one of the boards but I can’t find it or view and it says I have a reply but I can’t find that either. Where is it??

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Hi there,

The Childline message boards are a safe place to see what other young people say, to share your experience and get support. You can read other people’s posts, reply to them or start your own thread.

All posts on the message boards are checked before they go online. This might mean you won’t see your post for a few hours – or even until the next day. You should get an alert or notification into your Childline locker to let you know when it’s been posted.

If a post breaks the house rules it might need a few changes before it can go on the boards. If this happens you’ll get an email to your account to explain why, including suggestions on what you can do to change it and submit again. If you’re not sure what to do or what’s wrong you can email back for more information.  It can help to remember that you haven’t done anything wrong and the rules are there to keep everyone safe. And you can always read our 8 tips for using the boards to help you write your post.

The search tools can help you to find a thread when you don’t have a link or to help you find a thread that you want to read again or reply to. To search the message boards just type a subject or question in the text box or search by category. When you use the category and topic search the results will show the latest reply at the top of the list.

Each time a new post or reply goes on the boards the order of the search results will change slightly. That means the thread you’re looking for might not be where you expect it to be in the search results. If you know the category, topic and the rough date you started the thread, try sorting your search by “thread date” to find it.

Sometimes your thread might be moved to another board so that other young people don’t miss it. If yours has been moved, you’ll get an email from the website team letting you know where it’s been moved to with a link to the new location.

Remember, the boards are a big place and the search tools are there to help you find what you’re looking for. The message board hosts can answer questions and help you get involved with discussions or you can email a Childline counsellor from your account for help and support.

If you ever need to chat to a Childline counsellor about any other issues, they’re always there to listen to you.

I hope this information will help you find your way around the message boards.

Take care,


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