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Hi Sam,

I am not in need of contacting Childline but wondered if you could answer my question in case I ever have to contact.

What can people do if they don't have access to a telephone/mobile phone or computer/laptop to get in touch?Can you write to Childline or call via Telephone Box? Will it cost to call Childline from a telephone box? Also some children find it tricky to be able to email, speak online or call Childline because they are worried that parents/guardians will find out... - Search history on computers or records of calls on their phone.Many people hold back because they are afraid that somebody will find out that they have called and will be interested when they don't want anybody to know. There are plenty of ways for contacting Childline but what advice would you give to people who don't have access to a phone or computer?

Many thanks.

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Hi there,

Not everyone has access to a phone or a computer but there are still ways that you can contact Childline safely. Phoning Childline on 0800 1111 is a free call, including from a payphone. You won’t need credit on a pay-as-you-go mobile phone to call and the call won’t show on a phone bill so it might be possible to make a call at home when you’re on your own. Our mobile app is called For Me, so that it’s not obvious to anyone looking at your apps that it is Childline.

Lots of young people need support to call Childline and if you aren’t able to use a phone where you live or on your way home you could ask an adult you trust at school or college if you could call from an office or somewhere else that’s private.

To contact Childline online you could use a computer at your local library or at the library at school or college. Remember to keep your password safe and to log out of your account when you’ve finished the email or chat. Contacting online means that others won’t be able to listen to your conversation but they might be able to look at what you’re typing so try to sit somewhere that people can’t see your computer screen.

Clearing your browsing history will mean that you can hide that you have visited Childline’s website. You can also use the hide page button if someone walks in while you’re online and interrupts you. If you’re using a phone then make sure to clear the call history so that our number doesn’t show up on it.

Childline has a confidentiality promise which means that we won’t tell your parent or carer if you’ve spoken to a counsellor. What you say is usually kept between you and Childline but sometimes we can’t do that so you should read our confidentiality promise carefully before deciding to talk to us. If you aren’t sure if we can keep something between you and us, just ask a counsellor and they will be happy to explain it to you.

Thank you for your letter and I hope this information will help you to feel more confident about contacting Childline when you want to talk.

Take care,


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