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Can you call Childline outside of the UK?

i was thinking about calling child line, then i realized that its only for the U.K. , i was wondering if there is a child line for canada, and if so whats there number and is the number toll free. thank you

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Hi there

Childline's helpline is only for young people who are in the UK. Young people from anywhere can get some useful help and advice from all of the information on our website and from the letters I respond to - but these are also written for people in the UK. This means some of the advice I give might only be true if you live in this country.

If you are a young person who normally lives in the UK and are going abroad on holiday then you are still able to use your normal Childline account to chat to us online whilst abroad. All of the features of your Childline account should work as normal and you can use your locker to send emails if the time difference makes it hard to talk to a counsellor.

Even though it's not possible for us to support young people in different countries there are helplines abroad which are similar to Childline and may be what you are looking for. The Child Helpline International website is a collection of children's helplines from all over the world. If you look up your country, you might find a service that's right for you. In Canada there is KidsHelpPhone which does have a free number you can call.

I know I sometimes get letters from young people in other countries and I will still answer them if your problem is not too specific to your country and is something that people in the UK will face as well.

Thanks for sending this letter to me.

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