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Can I contact childline at my dads

Hi Sam! I have parents who live in 2 different countries (different continents too) and I spend all my holidays in Dubai. I’m a UK citizen and only a visitor in Dubai, I also go through o school in the UK, but is it alright to use childline while I’m away. I’ve been told multiple things and I really don’t want to do anything that isn’t allowed

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Hi there

You can contact Childline online when you’re abroad from most countries so long as you have an account that you set up while you were still in UK. Your account will remain active when you’re on holiday, on a school trip or staying with family so you’ll be able to access your mood journal and the art box as well.

Make sure that you can remember your log in information or keep it somewhere safe while you’re away. You won’t be able to create a new account while you’re abroad but you can still play the games, read our Info and advice pages, message boards and my letter page.

It can help to have familiar things around you when you're away from home like taking a favourite book or photograph with you and using the Childline website. Those things can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable with unfamiliar surroundings.

There could be different rules when you visit your other parent and that might include how long and when you’re able to use the internet, use your phone or talk to your friends on social media. When you spend time away from where you usually live it’s important that you’re able to have contact with your other parent, other family members and with your friends. This might be something you can talk about with both of your parents and see if you can come to an agreement with them.

I hope this advice has helped. Thanks for getting in touch.

Take care,


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