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You never replied to my letter
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Hi there,

It’s really good to see that although I was unable to reply to your previous letter, you have been patient and have taken the trouble to write and send another letter to me. Well done for not giving up.

I know it can be really disappointing when you are brave enough to write and share your situation but then don’t have a reply, the reason Ask Sam works so well is because young people like you are brave enough to share what is happening in your life.

I want to let you know that I make time to read every letter that I get from young people as you’re all so very important to me. Sadly, even though I read them all, I am not able to answer every single one.

That doesn’t mean that some letters are more important than others, it means that I try to answer different types of letters with different problems. This means there are letters about lots of different kinds of problems and people can look at letters that are about similar worries to their own and can get support by reading the reply. Or I might choose a letter because it's something that a lot of people want advice about. For example, if I learn that something quite suddenly has started to feel tough for lots of young people at the same time, it might be important to explore the problem through my replies.

I hope by writing to you, it has at least given you a little understanding of the reason for not replying to your first letter and I do hope you will keep writing to me.

Take care,


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