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I Have Loads Of Problems!

Hi Sam, i have so many problems to with my life that i know i cant talk about it all in one chat. But does it matter if you dont talk about the same subject every chat?

Im just worried that the counsellors think im a problem child.

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Hi there,

Sometimes there might only be one thing going on that takes up all your time and focus, but at other times there are lots of things. Having to cope with several things at once can be draining and it's important to stay on top of your feelings.

At Childline, we're here for everyone, whenever they need us. That means you can talk to our counsellors as often as you want and about as many different things as you want.

Some people like to talk about the same thing lots and lots of times - others like to say something just once before moving on to something else. The important thing to remember is that we don't mind at all how someone uses Childline, so long as you feel comfortable.

The counsellors definitely won't think you're a problem child. But if you feel like you don't want to just use 1-2-1 chat to get support, remember that there are other ways of using Childline too. You can use my page to read through letters from people with similar problems, or read or post on our message boards. We've also got a lot of useful information on our info and advice pages, which you can look at anytime you want.

You can use any of these services, as well as our email and phone service, to get help from us as often as you need to.

Thanks for your message and take care,


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