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latest letters

I keep telling lies

hey sam for a really long time ive been telling lies. i lie to my teachers and tell them i understand or when called ...

School and me

First day back at school was horrible people laughed at me threw the hallways and called me fat. ive cut myself befor...


Ive been homeless since I was 15. I'm now 18. I've been stayin on sofas and sometimes on park benches or in the town ...

My mum always hits me

Dear Sam ​ My mum always hits me even when its a sall thing like i have forgotten to wash my face, she pulls my hair ...

I have been having flashbacks

hi, ive been having flashbacks recently to all the bad things that have happened in my like, like my dad dying, and b...

Pressure about doing piano

Hi Sam i have been doing piano for a couple of years now but I am really bord of it and music isn't really my passion...

Message from Sam

Food is a part of life for us every day, but for some people this is a real problem. I’d be really interested to hear from you if you’re having problems with eating or your body image.

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People say im mad

i see things that arent there and somtimes feel like im spinning round but i get bullied because of it peple call me ...

Bullying at school

I'm fed up of people calling me geek, nerd weirdo throwing peices of usd paper at me with pictures of me doing person...


I say mean things to people but I don't mean it, but they then think that I do, so I keep driving people away, when I...

Please help me!

Hi Sam,I have really, really bad acne therefore I wear foundation to school to hide it. I tell my friends I don't but...


Hello Sam I have bullied someone and I regret of what I did can you give me a tip of how I can make them feel happy

Too smart..

Hey Sam, I don't want to sound vain, but I'm really smart, smarter than my friends. A few weeks ago my friends start...

Homophobic Bullying!!!!

Hi,I'm 14 and when I was about 12 I knew I was Bi. I came out to parents and they were OK about it I then decieded to...

Bullied to death

Hello, This all started in year 7 I came to a school where I didn't know anyone, I was nervous, so people picked on m...