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Manchester bombing

i was at the manchester bombing and since then, no doctor or anyone has come to see how i am. im constantly having fl...

Coping with anger and autism

Hi sam. Im finding it really hard to even talk to you about anything so i am proud of myself for doing it. I suffer f...

Potential OCD

Hi Sam, Im 15 and im dealing with school and stress ect. i think i have developed OCD because i do strange things for...

My parents should divorce

My patents fight nonstop, it makes my younger brother really uoset and i cant do anything. My father trys saying ever...

Teacher leaving

Hi, I am in year 12 and I have just found out that my favourite teacher is leaving school at the end of the year. Eve...

Message from Sam

This week is the 1 year anniversary of the terrorist attack in Manchester. I received lots of letters from young people who were affected by this and I still hear from people who are trying to cope. This week I’ll be answering those letters and hoping to help anyone struggling with feelings about worries of the world.

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My Crush

I have a crush on “M” at my school and I don't know what to do cause he don't feel the same way. Hope you can HELP!