Waiting Room

We'll be with you as soon as possible. We know waiting can be difficult. But you're very important to us.

You don't have to stay in the waiting room. Have a look around our site while you wait.

What now? 

The yellow bar at the top of the page shows that you're in the queue. And you can look at the advice on this page or visit other parts of our website while you wait.

When a counsellor is available, a box will appear on this website asking you to join the chat. The counsellor can only wait up to 2 minutes for you to join, so make sure you keep checking.

Need help right now?

Click 'Exit chat' and call 0800 1111

How long does a chat last? 

Chatting to a counsellor usually lasts about 40 minutes. Lots of young people believe this is enough time to talk about things properly. It also means other people can talk to a counsellor. But remember, chats can also be longer or shorter.

We're asking for feedback!

We're asking some of the young people who contact us for their feedback about talking to Childline. If you're randomly chosen to take part, we'll send a message to your locker the day after your 1-2-1 chat asking you to fill out a survey.

You don't need to give feedback if you don't want to, and anything you tell us will be completely anonymous.

Even if you're not contacted, you can still share your feedback on the message boards.

9 top tips for using 1-2-1 chat

Fun things to do while you wait

You don't have to stay in the waiting room. Have a look around our site while you wait. Remember to watch out for the yellow bar changing green which means that a counsellor is now ready to talk to you.

Breathe in, breathe out

We know it can sometimes feel scary waiting to talk to a counsellor. Taking long, deep breaths can help you feel relaxed.

Why not follow the steps below, guiding you on breathing in and out?

Using Internet Explorer 11 and the breathing animation above isn’t working? Go to your browser settings in the top right corner and click on Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and tick the box next to Play animations in webpages. Click OK and refresh your browser. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your place in the chat queue.