Waiting room

We’re much busier because of the coronavirus, so it might take a lot longer than normal to get through.

To make sure we can talk to everyone, you might not be able to speak to the counsellor for as long as you normally would when you get through. But we’ll do our best to help you find the right support.

Important: If you’ve joined the queue for a chat between midnight and 9am, we won’t be able to answer your chat.

What happens now?

The yellow bar at the top of the page shows that you're in the queue.

When a counsellor is available, a box will appear on this website asking you to join the chat. The counsellor can only wait up to 2 minutes for you to join, so make sure you keep checking.

If you need help right now, press ‘Exit chat’ and call 0800 1111.

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