Your new Childline website

Whether you're new to Childline or you've used our website loads of times before, this is a place for you. Young people played a huge part in making our new website - and there are still lots of ways to get involved. 

Getting here together

Since 2014 we’ve been gathering young people’s feedback via surveys, our message boards and our youth participation groups. Over 2000 of you told us what you wanted our website to be like.

So we got busy designing and making a new website. We wanted the website to feel fresh and up to date. And we know it's really important that it works better on mobiles. It's also now easier for young people to understand the different ways they can get help.

But if you used our website before, don't worry. We've kept all the best bits. Like the message boards, Ask Sam, 1-2-1 counsellor chat and your locker

New for you: 

  1. the website now works on your phone, so we're here for you wherever you are
  2. personalise your own private locker to make it a space for you 
  3. get notifications when your message board posts get replies 
  4. find the advice you need quicker 
  5. keep a private diary and track your mood. 

How you helped us

Over 800 young people in the Childline community gave feedback on designs and logos along the way.

You told us: 

  • our logo should tell you the different ways to get in touch
  • it should be easy for you to find the phone number
  • you liked bright colours
  • you like a mix of photography and illustrations.

Some of you helped with testing the website. These exercises helped us understand how you think information should be organised, so we can make sure you know where to look to get advice, no matter what issue you’re facing.

We ran a survey about how you use our Art box, and this has helped us think about what will be in the Toolbox section of the site. We also shared images of the new emojis that are available in 1-2-1 counsellor chat and the message boards and you told us which emotions you thought they represented.

Dealing with change

Seeing so many things change can sometimes be difficult. We understand that with all the things going on in your life you want to feel Childline is a place you can rely on.

You can always speak to a Childline counsellor if all the changes are a lot to deal with.

You can also let us know what you think about the new site and if there's anything you're worried about or have a question about you can speak to a host on the message boards

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