Dealing with loneliness

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, but if you're always lonely then we have some advice to help.


It’s possible to feel lonely even when you're surrounded by other people. You could feel that people around you don’t value or understand you.

It’s natural to sometimes feel lonely, but if you feel like you’re always lonely, then there’s help available for you.

There are a few different things you can try:

Sharing how you feel:

It can be very difficult to trust and talk to other people about your feelings. You could feel worried that others won’t be supportive or understand.

Everybody has things they worry about and sometimes feel sad, regardless of how happy and confident they appear. It’s natural to need to share your worries with someone.

It’s always good to share your problems with someone you can trust. This can help you feel a lot less alone. Trust is something that you can build with someone over time, so you don’t have to share everything all in one go. You can just start small by sharing a little to begin with and you can share more as you feel more comfortable and your trust in the other person grows.

Our conversation starter can help make it easier to share your worries. You can take your time to write down how you’ve been feeling and how you would like to be supported. You can then give that to an adult you trust.

Our message boards:

Our message boards are also a good place to try sharing your worries without people knowing who you are. You can get advice and support from other young people.

You can also have fun in our creative corner board, where you can play games and share poetry, creative writing and artwork. You can also chat about things like fashion and recipes.

Building your confidence:

You deserve to feel really good about yourself. We have a whole page full of ways that can help you build your confidence. We also have a really fun Tower of Confidence game that will help remind you of all the fantastic things about you.

Finding people that share the same interests:

Having shared interests is a great way of connecting with new people. Whatever you’re into, there are bound to be others who share the same interests. Why not start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Finding something you really enjoy can be a geat way to feel happier and less alone.

You could try finding a local group or safe online forums like the Childline message boards. Please do also remember to stay safe online too.

If you're finding it hard to find the right group or forum, try asking an adult you trust to help you.

Talking to Childline

Our counsellors are always here for you. They really care about you and want to support you. No problem is ever too big or too small.