Coping with lockdown... Again

Going into lockdown again might feel overwhelming but it’s important to remember that even when you can’t see people, you’re not alone. Childline is here to talk about anything.

New lockdowns across all of the UK mean that most schools have closed and that people are having to stay at home again.

Not going out helps to stop more people from catching COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. Especially if you’ve already been struggling with things, but you’re not alone.

If you’re worried or scared about the future, remember:

  • things will change and get better
    Like last time, this lockdown will come to an end. The big difference is that lots of people are being vaccinated so people will be more protected against the virus. This means that it'll be easier for everyone to keep safe.
  • you can say when things are too much
    If things are getting too much or you’re struggling to cope, talk to an adult you trust, share it on the message boards or tell a Childline counsellor. Letting things out can really help.
  • you can still go out to exercise
    Going outside can have a big effect on how you feel. If it’s safe, try to go outside for a walk or to exercise at least once a day.
  • you have a right to be kept safe from being hurt
    Abuse is always wrong, and if someone is hurting or abusing you at home, you deserve to be kept safe. Here's our advice to support you.
  • you’re helping to keep everyone safe
    By following social distancing and staying home when you can, you’re helping to make sure that everyone is safer.

Taking a break from the news or finding time to do something you enjoy can really help. Make time every day to do something that helps you to feel calm.

Updated: 29th January 2021