Coping with exam results

Lots of young people are worrying about their results and what might happen. But Childline’s here to help you through it.

Exams across the UK have been cancelled this year. And your results will be based on your mock exams and other pieces of work.

If you’re worried or upset, you’re not alone. There are things you can do:

  • Keep calm
    Making decisions about your future isn’t easy when you’re upset or stressed. Give yourself a few moments after your results take a few deep breaths and keep calm.
  • Talk about them
    Telling your parents or carers can help you to think about what to do next, but it’s natural to be scared about how they’ll react. If you’re worried, try practising what you’ll say, or talk to one of your teachers first.
  • Make an appeal
    If you think your result was unfair, you may be able to make an appeal. Whether you can depends on what’s happened, and you can speak to your teachers for advice.
  • Take your exams later
    GCSE, AS and A-Level exams can be taken later this year if you want to. This means that your grade will be based on that exam and not the result you were given. Talk to your teachers to find out more, but check if it'll affect your place at college or university
  • Look at your options
    If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, there are still options. Check with places you’ve applied for to see if they can still accept you, use clearing for universities or speak to your teachers, parents or carers about finding other placements.
  • Build your confidence
    Your exams are just one part of your life, but they have a big effect on your confidence. If you’re disappointed, there are ways to start feeling better.

Feeling alone about your results? Post how you’re feeling on the message boards.

Updated: 10 August, 2020