Confidential Support for all young people

We offer all young people the same emotional support.

Even if you have other people supporting you, Childline is a safe space where you can get confidential support whenever you need to. 

We're here for you

Living in care means living away from your parents. This might be with other family members, with a foster family, in a care home or some other kind of residential place. Young people who live in care have professionals around them to support them, like a social worker.

Social workers are there to support young people and help keep them safe. They might work closely with other people in their life to do this, like a teacher or foster parent.

Even if you have other people in your life, Childline is here for you. We offer all young people the same emotional support.

  • You can choose how much you want to say
  • We will listen without judgement
  • We will keep what you tell us confidential

Confidential’ means keeping what you say private and only passing on what you tell us if we need to get help to you urgently. If you or someone else is in serious danger we will try and help you find ways to be safer, but if you need more support to manage that serious danger, we will try and arrange to get emergency help to you.

You can find out more about our confidentiality promise here. If you have a question about it you can ask one of our counsellors by sending an email or requesting a chat.