Celebrating Black History Month

Get ideas and inspiration to celebrate this year's Black History Month.

October is Black History Month, an opportunity to highlight and learn about the achievements and contributions of Black people across British society and the world.

The theme this year is “Saluting Our Sisters”, and is a chance to celebrate Black women across history who’ve helped to shape the world we’re in.

There are lots of ways you can take part this month and in the future:

  • find out what your school is doing to celebrate, and talk to your teachers about how you can get involved
  • take some time to learn about famous Black women across history, or about people in your life who you admire
  • talk about what makes you proud to be Black with the people you care about
  • write about what Black History Month means to you and share stories of Black people who inspire you on our message boards
  • talk about the difficulties you’ve had as a Black person, or what you’d like to change in the future.

Why not share how you’re celebrating Black History Month on the message boards, or get ideas from other young people?

There are lots of reasons celebrating Black History Month might be hard. If you’re struggling for any reason, remember that Childline is always here to support you.