Building confidence after lockdown

Going out again might feel scary, but there are lots of ways to feel more confident.

It can be hard seeing people again after such a long time and you might be worried about how you look, or having to talk to people again.

Whatever’s happening, there are ways to feel more confident and better about yourself:

  • Try something new
    Whether it’s a new hobby, joining a club or going somewhere you haven’t been before, trying new experiences can help you to feel more refreshed and better about yourself.
  • See yourself differently
    Challenge yourself when you start having negative thoughts or thinking too much about the things you’d like to change. Instead, take notice of things you like about yourself. Try writing down one thing every day that you like, it could be your smile, kindness, sense of humour or anything else. If you’re struggling, think what someone who cares about you would say.
  • Try a new look
    Doing something different with the way you look is a big step, but it can also help you to go beyond your comfort zone. Try out a new hairstyle or outfit, then see how it feels to go out for a walk with your new look.
  • Fake it
    Acting like you’re confident can change how people react to you and even how you feel about yourself. Straightening your back as you walk, keeping your head facing forwards and making eye contact when you talk to people can be a great way to start.
  • Help other people
    There are lots of ways to help other people, from volunteering to just listening to a friend. Whatever you decide to do, it can be a great way to show yourself that you’ve got positive things to share.
  • Talk to people
    Sometimes, it takes a bit of courage to  talk to people, but there are some tricks that might help. Take a breath before you say anything and talk slowly and clearly. Trry asking about the other person and really listen to what they’re saying. Remember they can’t see what you’re thinking, and they might not even know that you’re nervous.

Building confidence can take time, but why not track how you’re feeling with the mood journal.

Updated: 8th September, 2020