Being Back at School

Being back at school may be challenging, with schools being closed for so long it may feel stressful to be back, but we are always here for you and we have advice to help.

Returning to School

Being behind with school work:

Online schooling was a big challenge for many of you and it was difficult to study and keep up with your school work during lockdown. You’ve never been asked to learn like this before. Some of the subjects could have been really difficult for you to learn at home.

You could be feeling embarrassed or stressed about being behind. You may be worried about your parents finding out. If you are feeling stressed our Calm Zone could really help.

Talking to a teacher could also really help. Your teachers are there to support you and to help you learn. They should support you if you’re struggling. Our conversation starter on our Asking an Adult for Help page can make it easier. You can take your time to write down and explain your situation and how you would like to be supported. You can then give that to a teacher you trust.

BBC Bitesize also have a planner that can help you manage your time.

Not fitting in:

School can sometimes feel like a lonely place and one where you don’t fit in. Perhaps some people are treating you badly and you are being bullied. This is wrong and is not your fault. You deserve to feel happy and safe at school.

You don’t have to go through this alone, Childline is always here to support you.

Prefer being at home:

You may have got really used to being at home. You may prefer learning by yourself than being back at school. Being around so many people again may feel uncomfortable. It could take some time to get used to being around everyone again. Sharing your feelings on the message boards with other young people who may feel the same could really help.

Worried about coronavirus:

Perhaps you are worried about coronavirus and possibly catching it and bringing it home. Maybe you are unsure about what the new rules are for what to do. A teacher should always be able to help you with this.

Being back at school may take some time to get used to and to catch up with all your school work. If you are feeling stressed than our Coping Kit could help you feel better. Our counsellors are always here for you too however big or small your worries are.