5 tips for when you start back at school

Going back to school can be scary. But there are ways to get through it.

If you’re worried about going back to school, you’re not alone. Lots of young people are feeling the same way. Whatever’s happening, there are some small things you can do to help:

  • Plan your time
    Set your alarm with enough time to get ready. Check which lessons you have and make time for homework.
  • Organise what you need
    Pack your bag the night before, and make sure you include anything you’ll need for your lessons.
  • Talk to your teachers
    Your teachers are there to help. If you’re not sure or you’re worried, it’s always okay to talk to a teacher you trust.
  • Find things to get involved in
    Ask about clubs or activities you could join, they can be a great way help you to feel included and build your confidence.
  • Get help if things go wrong
    Whether you’re worried about the work, being bullied or anything else, it’s natural to have good days and bad days at school. You can talk to us about anything that’s happening.

Going back after COVID-19 can be scary. But there are always people here to help. Why not share your experiences of going back on the message boards.