House Rules - Art Box

Want to share your image? Please follow these rules:

  • don’t include any personal info about yourself or somebody you know like surnames, school names, numbers, email addresses or links to social networking profiles
  • don’t include really detailed drawings of ways to self-harm, how to hide self-harm or ways to end your life (it’s okay to show ways of coping with suicidal feelings or self-harm)
  • don’t create an image that supports harmful ways of coping with something
  • don’t talk about specific locations – you can share info like a large city or county, but specific locations like a small town or the name of your local park could be unsafe
  • don’t post details of an event you're attending like a university open day, music festival or court case or discuss meeting up
  • don’t post any remarks that discriminate against people, for example, sexist, transphobic, racist or homophobic
  • don’t post sexually explicit language and descriptions of sexual acts.