Your questions about confidentiality

We asked young people who use the Childline website to tell us about their experience of our confidentiality promise. What you think is important to us and we're listening to you.

You're  important to us

We found that you were telling us some really important things. For example, some of you told us that you weren’t really sure when your confidentiality would be broken and some of you said that it made you angry when it was broken.

If we ever have to break confidentiality or tell someone about your situation to get help to you, we'll always listen to how you feel. We'll also continue to support you and help you find ways to cope. Remember that you can always contact us again, even after we've tried to get help to you. 

What we're doing now:

  1. we want you to understand more about what information we cannot keep confidential and why
  2. we're making changes so that you can have a better experience when using Childline
  3. we know it would be helpful for you to see more examples of the situations when we will and won’t break the Childline confidentiality promise so we’ve included some examples below.

what happens if you...