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Chat waiting room

You are now in a queue to chat to a counsellor. They will be with you as soon as possible but we are currently receiving a lot of requests for a chat, so you might have to wait longer than usual.

We understand this is difficult but please be patient, we care about everyone contacting us.

When a counsellor is ready, a message will appear in the green bar at the top of your screen.

You don't have to stay in the waiting room whilst you wait for a counsellor. You can browse the website, play games and watch videos as normal - the green bar will stay at the top.

Why not read our top tips for using online chat to help get you started?


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Anxiety is completely natural and can affect anybody, for all types of reasons. You can even feel anxious for no apparent reason at all. Talking about how you feel is a great way to feel better. You don't have to face things alone.


We're all different, and there are many different feelings we can experience, at different times.  Some are more well known than others, such as `Excitement' or `Anger', but some can be harder to understand, like Anxiety.

Millions of years ago we relied on Anxiety to keep us out of harm's way.  At the slightest sign of danger our bodies would bring on this uneasy, urgent feeling to jolt us into action or get us to RUN AWAY!

These days our bodies still try to protect us, but life's evolved.
There are a load more things to worry about and they have a habit of piling up without us noticing.

Anxiety can feel like all kinds of things ­ that twisted, shaky feeling in your stomach or the strange nervousness that makes you want to hide away from the world. It can make you tired, frustrated and upset.

Anxiety can start as a simple worry but grow into a panic! And convince you that you're losing it altogether.  It can make you scared, restless, speed up your heart but give no explanations as to why it’s happening.

It might not feel like it, but anxiety is completely natural and can affect anybody, for all kinds of reasons like exam stress, family troubles, new places or a mixture of things.

It can even come for no apparent reason, but the good news is that you can reduce it, and the first step is to talk about it.

Talking about how you feel is a great way to feel better. You don’t have to face things alone.  So if you ever want to get stuff off your chest, then you can contact ChildLine. They’re there to listen.


Chat Waiting Room 



The waiting room is where you can find games, videos, news about ChildLine and other cool stuff.  It's a great place to chill out and take your mind off things for a bit while you wait for your 1-2-1 online chat.


To play the games on the ChildLine site, you will need to have Adobe Flash installed.  If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download Adbobe Flash for free here (this link will take you to another website).

Some games can be played using your keyboard and some are played using your mouse.  the instructions on the right of the games will tell you how each game is played.

How to use the video player

To watch a video, click on the ‘play’ button at the bottom left of the video player. It is shaped like a small triangle.  You can pause the video once it is playing, by clicking on this button again, which will now be a ‘pause’ button, which looks like a number eleven – ‘11’. 

You can change the volume of the sound on the video by clicking on the ‘volume control’ button, on the bottom right of the video player.  If you click directly on the picture of the speaker, the sound will turn off completely. 

If you would like to see the video displayed in a full screen, you can click on the full screen button which is the last button on the bottom right of the video player.  To exit the full screen mode you can press ‘escape’ on the keyboard, or click the ‘close full screen’ button on the bottom right hand side of the video player.