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dont know what to feel and no respect

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  • xDarkwoodx

    13 January 2012 at 18:52

    dont know what to feel and no respect


     so lately ive been feeling really left out and neglected

    i hardly go out with my friends anymore and i feel people or taking me acting like im always fine for granted. bacsue i always be really helpful to my friends.i help them with homework if they find it hard,i set them up with boyfriends/girlfriends and confort them when there low. but recently i have been down because i havent had my first kiss or had a boyfriend and things keep coming up that remind me of when i used to self harm and noone notices my dramatic mood change. and my friend said today 'can you help me find a boyfriend please?' and i thought the way she said it sounded like it was my job to do so. i always feel lonley and i like diffrent things from everyone else in my year group. i dont know what to do?!

    sorry it was long but please help.


  • Quietlikethesnow

    26 January 2012 at 16:36


     Everyone's different in some way but some people just try to hide it. If your friends really don't care for you then it will show eventually, because if something serious happens to you and they don't care then they never were your friends. If this does happen then you know the real them, you might not have friends for a bit but eventually you will find someone to relate to and who cares for you. There's nothing wrong with being different, being different means you stand out, if they ignore you it shows that they know you're there. People are just scared of what's different, of what can be greater than them. So even when you're feeling lonely remember that there's always someone who will understand you. 

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