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Does this have to happen?

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  • Nindyy

    27 January 2012 at 20:33

    Does this have to happen?



    Please excuse my spelling mistakes, if there are any, as I am from Poland, and not quite yet developed my English Skills! 

    I'm twelve years old - and as I allready mentioned I'm from Poland. So there's this gang at my school.. trying to be ' cool ' or I don't know what it is, but it's not ONLY them. Most of the people at my school show respect to Black skinned people, Asian people.. HOWEVER they just HATE poles ! 

    I don't know why! They just hate me.. I want to move back to Poland but my mum won't let me!  and I just keep on crying in the toilets at breaktimes hoping this will end. I tried to fit in, and all that, but they just keep pulling me away from it. Its even easier for them to bully me, because I'm a very sensitive person and all. 

    Once we had a long jump practice.. I don't know for what it was - maybe for sports day? And guess what ?  The guy that I am most scared of was standing right behind me like I was his sort of .. hmm.. next target? He said something to me, and I asked ' What ? ' In a polite way, not like a ' whhaaat ? -.-' sort of way - After that, I eyed - AND HEARD - him whisper something to his pal ' That polish thing didn't understand what I said '   I fell into tears, and failed at my long jump. Everybody was looking at me like it was written on their faces  - she's crying cause she failed her long jump !   Grrr ! 


    Also, they push me down the corridors, and spit at my face - like I was their toy or something.. gosh. They behave like total kids! Despite my friends in poland, that understood me!


    Help me! I'm getting tired of the smell of poop, and all the tears wasted on crying ..

  • doodle95

    28 January 2012 at 18:59



    Dont worry about spelling mistakes, your English is perfect :)

    What these boys are doing is racism, and its completely wrong, they should not be saying/doing these things.

    If they show resect to Asian and Black people then they must know they should respect everyone? Which hopefully means it will be easier to stop. You need to speak to a teacher you trust and tell them what these boys are doing, your school has a duty of care towards you, which means they have to stop this as you have a right to feel safe.

    I hope this helped, 

    doodle95 xx

  • Sal2244

    28 April 2012 at 22:11


    Well I have some racist classmates who were racist cause I was Asian and they would rant stuff to me like ''GET OUT OF UK YOU ASIANS DONT BELONG HERE BLAH BLAH'' Every asian has to go through it. Then I couldnt take it I gave them a big piece of my mind and well then the classmates didnt really felt like saying mean stuff about my race anymore and then they just stop!

    1)So give them a piece of your mind and Tell them that they are being racist.

    2)Then if that doesnt stop tell the teacher they must do something about it!

  • icedangel1

    15 June 2012 at 00:50


    no it doesn't have to happen! please do tell your school about it. wow i think these people are treating you in such an awful way! by the way i am asian and i don't have any race! i think they have realised that what they say and do to you, is making you upset so they continue to do it. i think if  you talk to your school about it and ignore it hopefully they will stop behaving like that to you.i am actually really upset at the way you're being treated, you seem lovely! just make sure you tell someone what's happening cos that is the only way it will get sorted :)

    hope i helped xxx

    p.s your english is very good!! 

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