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Songs For When You're Down :)

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  • Diamond-Firework

    19 April 2011 at 22:20

    Songs For When You're Down :)


    My iPod is one of the most important things I own because my idols & their music is very important to me.

    On my iPod, I have a playlist called 'Songs For When I'm Down' so that when I'm depressed or there's loads of shouting going on at home, I listen to it and feel better.

    There are 10 songs on it. They are all Katy Perry & Scouting For Girls because they're my Fireworks (The people I admire). I've put notes next to each songs about the song and why it's on there for some.
    1) Murder Mystery - SFG (This song used to be my favourite song and I used to think it described me. The ending also seem hopeful.)
    2) Famous - SFG (This is currently my favourite SFG song and it's the song that calms me down. It's really upbeat with clever lyrics, and it's hard not to want to sing or dance along.)
    3) Firework - Katy (My favourite ever Katy song and quite possibly my favourite song of all time. It's so inspirational with just amazing lyrics. It's really changed my life. I now know I've got the spark in me and I know thast somday I'm going to leave all in awe.)
    4) Harbour - SFG (This song makes me feel like someone's there. The first verse is the main reason it's in there: "Don't you worry, don't you stress/ Life's worth living, even if it's in a mess" & "Don't get troubled, don't get down/ My life's better, just because you're around".)
    5) Gotta Keep Smiling - SFG (The title says it all. Incredibly upbeatr and it's almost impossible not to feel a bit better after it. I played it on a loop for hours when my sisters were in hospital. The whole song is about staying strong and making the best of a bad situation. "You gotta keep smiling, through the thunder & lightning/ You gotta trying, because things can't get much worse".)
    6) A New Day - SFG (All about remembering it's a new day and a fresh start. Good if you've had a bad day.)
    7) Happy - SFG (I think this one's pretty self-explanitory. :P)
    8) Silly Song/Don't Want To Leave You - SFG (Now I'm not going to lie, this is know to be a pretty sad song and it has been known to make people cry, myself included. But the lyrics are just so moving and when you hear it, the lyrics make a lot of sense as to why it's in here.)
    9) Part Of Me - Katy (This song is about 'the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no!'. It's a strong song about letting no-one change who you are and letting no-one destory you.)
    10) Pearl - Katy (This can be viewed as a sad song but it becomes uplifting towarsds the end. It's about someone who used to be amazing then someone else came along and broke them. 'Can't believe she's become a shall of herself, 'Cause she used to be a pearl...' but it becomes powerful and shows that you can be strong. Again, hear it and you'll understand why.)

    The songs I definitely recommend are Firework with all my heart, and Gotta Keep Smiling and Pearl. :)

    So what songs do you listen to when you're down? (You don't have to be as detailed as me! :P)

    Take care & stay strong,
    Lauren xxx

  • mychemicalromanceisawesome

    20 April 2011 at 19:07


     When im down, i tend to listen to MCR. But, i listen to them all the time, not just when im sad.

    I do have a soft spot for stop crying your heart out by oasis, though. Everytime i hear it, its like its telling me to be tough and just know that your better than the person who made you sad. It also says that even when you feel like you've hit rock bottom, you'll see the light eventually.

  • Lizzie0684

    28 April 2011 at 01:00


     When I'm down, i listen to michael jackson-keep your head up x very psoitive and uplifting x

  • MyChemicalRomanceLover

    29 April 2011 at 14:12


     Wheneve I'm down I generally Listen to MCr and black veil Brides, they always bring my mood up and makes me feel amazing:)

  • hollie9000

    29 February 2012 at 17:36


     Hi ! I'm Hollie and I'm 11 going threw the hardest times in life and the songs i love to listen to for diffrent reasons are ....

    1.If your boyfriend has cheated on you listen to begging on your knees by victoria justice.

    2.if you want some one back i want you back by jackson 5.

    3.if you feel someone dosen't understand your feelings or doesn't understand anything about you and you just cant explain it iris by goo goo dolls.

    4.if you miss someone missing you by the saturdays.

    5.if someone has died stronger by kelly clarckson, what hurts the most by cascada, the rose by westlife, when you're gone by avril lavigne, happy ending by mika, end of the road by boys to men, heaven by dj sammy or heaven candlight remix by dj sammy.

    6.if you broke up with someone but you really dont care last goodbye by avenue,

    7. and finally if you love someone you're the reason by victoria justice, song 2 you by victoria justice and leon thomas,so big by iyaz, just the way you are by bruno mars.

    oh and if your just in a bad mood mirror by lil wayne and bruno mars.

    hope this helps 

  • musicfan13

    29 February 2012 at 19:08


    if your just down or depressed listen to hello the chariot or days like these all be the cat empire!! i was sooo drepressed today withen the first 5 secs of the 1st song i was smiling! :)



  • rockchick4ever

    29 February 2012 at 20:33


     Stronger by Kelly Clarkson 

  • Torch8

    02 March 2012 at 01:07


    when im  down i put on midnight city by m83 full blast, helps drown out the world :) xx

  • littlestar3

    03 March 2012 at 12:54


    i was feeling pretty bad one day and felt like the whole world hated me, so i googled 'you are loved' and it came up with this song by josh groban. it's quite a slow song, but even if it's not your kind of music i think it's worth listening to because it would and still does instantly put me in a good mood. also, if you're feeling really bad, it might just help you to see another day :) <3

  • TheZombieGirl

    03 March 2012 at 14:32


     Awesome discussion! 

    I listen to:

    Black Veil Brides, favourite band and inspration :)

    My Chemical Romance

    Kerli, she's my hero! 

    Christina Perri, Jar Of Hearts

    Avril Lavigne


    Emilie Autumn

  • DJbexi

    03 March 2012 at 14:46


    I love to listen to music when im down and its helped me through thick and thin.........................

    1. people help the people by birdy

    2. beautiful by Christina Aguilera 

  • Veggiegirl

    06 March 2012 at 13:25


     When I am down I listen too...

    Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

    Hold on - Skepta

    What makes you beautiful - One Direction


  • RobynDeboraah

    06 March 2012 at 15:08


    when im down, i always listen to Jason Mraz Im Yours... its sucha cheerful song

  • Rockchic

    16 March 2012 at 22:43


    The songs that never fail to cheer me up are any of Pink's songs

  • topaztiger

    17 March 2012 at 21:31


    The sort of music I like to listen to when I'm down is The Beatles, Dusty Springfield because the majority of their songs (even the ballads) are quite optimistic.

    Sorry if these choices are a bit odd

    But that's me!

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