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Hi guys,

We have a new page on the site about the message board hosts, including how Max and I can help you on the boards :)

Check out the meet the hosts page for more info



Welcome to the message boards

The message boards are a place to share experiences and get support from other young people. It’s also a place to have fun and help shape the website!

If you are new to our site, you will need to sign up to your locker. It’s free, simple and lets you create a nickname to use on the boards. Also check out the FAQs and meet the rest of the community on the introductions board.

Not sure what to post? Visit the house rules and top tips to help get you started. There are also two helpful hosts: Charlie and Max who you will meet along the way.

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New to ChildLine? 

ChildLine community

Meet the rest of the community on the introductions message board

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Message boards

The message boards are the place where you can talk to other ChildLine users and chat about issues. If you want to read the messages, you can click on the topic you want to read about below.  If you want to post a message you have to sign up to use the ChildLine website, or log in if you have already signed up. 

All posts to the message boards are moderated before they are posted, so your post won't appear immediately.  We will let you know if it can't be posted for any reason, by sending you a message to your personal inbox which is in your locker.