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There are lots of ways you can get involved with ChildLine and the work that we do. Want to share your ideas or give us feedback? Perhaps you're interested in volunteering? Find out how you can get involved with ChildLine.

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The ChildLine website is created around you. Our team listen to your feedback and ideas - what you'd like to see and what you'd like to change. Whether you're looking for advice on a particular topic, have an idea for a new competition or want to voice your opinion, there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Latest survey results and feedback:
- Your thoughts about emailing ChildLine
- Your thoughts about confidentiality
- Message board survey results

Blue boxes
At the bottom of most pages, you'll find a blue feedback box asking a question about the content you've just read. Blue boxes are a quick way to type in your comments which we'll then use to review and improve our pages.

Quick polls can be found on some explore pages, where you select a multiple choice answer to a question. It gives us an idea of how many people feel a certain way towards something. You can also see what percentage of other people have chosen the same answer as yourself.

Message boards
The message board is the place to share information and experiences with other young people, and find out what other people think. It is also a way of sharing feedback and ideas directly with ChildLine through Max-Host.
Post your comments on the Your Site, Your Say message board thread and Max-Host will pass them on to us.

Volunteer for ChildLine

Over the age of 16? Why not get involved and make a difference?

Volunteering your time for ChildLineJoin an event
From skydives, to concerts, to running up 1,037 stairs - there is
an event to suit everyone.

Volunteer your time
We have numerous volunteering opportunities available to anyone who would like to give some of
their time to help us.

Fundraise for us
Whether it's at work, through college, or through a celebration, there are many different ways you can help raise money for the NSPCC and ChildLine.

Visit the Get involved page on the NSPCC website for more information

Get involved