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School is a large part of your life so it's important to feel happy there. Sometimes you might have problems at school which are worrying you. Whatever you're going through, we're here for you.

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Going back to school

It can be really hard going back to school after the holidays. Not everyone looks forward to it. There might be lots of reasons why you might be worried about going back such as:

Whatever the reason, ChildLine is here for you and can help.

Moving schools

Moving from one school to another can be a scary time. You might be moving from primary school to secondary school, or changing schools because you have moved house. Whatever the reason for the move, there are things you can do to help you deal with changes. Check out our message boards to see how other people cope.

Moving up to secondary school

The change from primary school to secondary school can be scary. You might be worried about:

  • making friends
  • finding your way around
  • schoolwork and homework.
  • It’s natural to feel like this, even if lots of your friends are moving to the same school as you.

    If you are worried about anything to do with moving to secondary school, it can really help to talk to someone about how you feel. You could talk to your teacher or another adult you trust. Remember you can always talk to ChildLine.


    Some people make it look easy to make friends, but sometimes it can be difficult to start new friendships. Not having friends or not being in a group can make you feel sad and lonely. If you are worried about making friends, or don't have any friends at your school, talking about it to someone can help.



    Being bullied? 

    Girl being bullied by mobile phoneIf you are being bullied you may feel alone and not know where to turn. 

    No one has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad and if you are being bullied you don't have to put up with it.

    You can speak to ChildLine anytime. We can help you if you are being bullied at school, are feeling down or lonely, or if you are having problems with friends.

    • I'm too scared to go to school. What should I do?

      No one has the right to stop you from going to school. If you are worried about bullying, school work or making new friends, talking to someone about how you feel can really help.

      Try taking a quiet moment to talk to someone you trust and tell them about the problem. That could be a teacher or someone else you feel comfortable talking to. They can contact your school and work out a way to help you.

    • I'm finding homework and exams stressful.

      Doing homework can be really stressful. It might seem like you'll never come to the end of it all. It can be especially tough if you are worried that you don't understand it.There can be a lot of pressure to do well in their exams, but there are things you can do to make it a bit easier. Check out our homework and revision tips.

      There is nothing wrong with being worried about exams, it's very normal. Remember, exams are important – but they are not the only key to a successful future.

    • I'm moving house and worried about leaving all my friends.

      You might have to move away from your school if your family move to another part of the country.

      Moving to another school can be scary, especially if you don’t know anyone and all your friends are still at your old school. You might be worried about making new friends, fitting in at your new school and also about losing touch with your old friends.  

      There are lots of ways to keep in touch with your old friends and moving away doesn’t mean that you can’t ever see them again. You can email, talk on social networking sites, phone or text. You could tell your parents how you feel - they might be able to arrange to take you to see your old friends in the school holidays.

    Other sites that can help

    If you're worried about being bullied at school, Bullying UK have lots of advice and support.
    Bullying UK

    Stressed about school?

    Talk to other young people on the school and college message board.

    Share your worries about school

    Focus on the good stuff

    Celebrate the small and big things you have done or achieved and get inspiration from others.

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